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Rodney Culleton was elected to the Federal Senate in 2016, as a Senator for WA. He was removed by the President of the Senate, over a purported bankruptcy, on 11th January 2017; however he was the only MP to be removed from Parliament without his case going before the Court of Disputed Returns. His Maiden Speech to the Senate has been described as one of the best speeches ever given and discussed the heartache being felt by farmers around the country, who were losing their properties and livelihoods at the hands of the banks. Senator Culleton heavily advocated for a Royal Commission into the Banks and in late 2017, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull announced one. The Social Tone delivered content ideas which were inline with his 'larrikin' sense of humour, and created engaging content that readers wanted to share or make comment on. A Parliamentary Inquiry was announced in December 2017, to investigate the events surrounding Rod Culleton's removal from the Senate and High Court decision.

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  • Senator Culleton's removal from the Senate has resulted in a Parliamentary Inquiry, in 2018

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